This is just one example of the views from my apartment in southern Utah. Red rocks, plateau’s and snowy mountain tops, all in one pic. Fluffy white clouds and blue lit skies. I miss it….

I have lived in Chicago, Paris and Colorado, but nothing was as breathtaking as Utah. Lots of undeveloped land, temporate weather and only two hours from Vegas. Almost perfect.

The “Mormon’s” were a pain in the ass, but could be overlooked due to the landscape and the endless opportunities for every and all outdoor recreational activities!

The doctor’s were not the greatest, but that could be overlooked also. I am back with my original doctors in the midwest, but one should never base where they live on friggin’ doctors! Life is way too short for that nonsense….

My parents would love for me to stay with my original docs, but screw that. I see them (docs) once again in the fall and then it’ll be time to hit the road once again. The grass can grow around my headstone when I’m dead, but I’ll be damned if I let the grass grow around my feet while I’m still alive and kickin’!

Believe when I say, ‘when you have your health, you have everything,’ and even though health and time are not on my side, I cannot stand still. I also believe that God puts people you need in your path. I would be dead if it weren’t for my Rudy. He saved me more than once in the past, and continues to, even though I’ve put him through hell?!

Here’s to living life by your own rules and not other’s…keep your head up and keep treading that water for as long as you have to. It’ll be worth it!

2014 - 1



To understand this, you have to really know me.

It’s been a long and rainy two weeks. This is one of the reasons I moved to the desert southwest and why I would never live in places like Seattle: Too much rain, doom, and gloom.

Yet, here I am in the midst of all the gloom, but here is also where my doctors are. Can’t have it all, as the saying goes. In life, it is all about choices. Choices and change.

I see the oncologist this week….

Enough said.






IMG_3102 (2)

Tomorrow is my first doctor appointment and I traveled 1,700 miles for it?! Next week is my cancer appointment. Gotta do what you gotta do I guess.

I worked at the nursing home all weekend in order to keep my mind off of my destiny?! Scary, but has to be done, unfortunately. I have absolutely no clue about what will happen. My goal is to stay out of the hospital.

I can absolutely feel the terror parents go through when it comes to their kids and doctor appointments, especially when dealing with cancer.

Then there are those people that have no class, which I learned at work, this past weekend. I had just returned after a five-month absence. There was a new person there that didn’t know me from ‘Eve’ and a co-worker blurted out, “How’s your leukemia doing?!” Insensitive to say the least.

People and parents in my situation will find this unnerving. How about waiting until I bring it up, if at all. The only person that needs to know is the administrator. Beyond that, no one. Not even the nurses.

People need to respect a person’s boundaries. If we want you to know, we’ll tell you, otherwise…I worked to keep my mind off of my situation, not to have it brought to light and especially in front of strangers.


Random thoughts….



These are common sights that can put the fear of GOD into anyone, especially children. I am looking at these pictures from last fall and it feels like I have a million butterflies in my gut.

I am going back after five months in the desert, our winter home this year. It’s a total of 3,400 miles roundtrip. I leave in two days and am full of dread.

So far I know I will have blood draws and ultrasounds right away. Sometimes the not knowing is better than to know.

In 7 days and 1,700 plus miles, I will be ‘home.’

I already can’t wait until next fall when I’m back on the road, heading south to avoid the long, cold and wet winter.

Until then, what gets anyone through this is love, hope, and laughter.

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