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Tomorrow is my first doctor appointment and I traveled 1,700 miles for it?! Next week is my cancer appointment. Gotta do what you gotta do I guess.

I worked at the nursing home all weekend in order to keep my mind off of my destiny?! Scary, but has to be done, unfortunately. I have absolutely no clue about what will happen. My goal is to stay out of the hospital.

I can absolutely feel the terror parents go through when it comes to their kids and doctor appointments, especially when dealing with cancer.

Then there are those people that have no class, which I learned at work, this past weekend. I had just returned after a five-month absence. There was a new person there that didn’t know me from ‘Eve’ and a co-worker blurted out, “How’s your leukemia doing?!” Insensitive to say the least.

People and parents in my situation will find this unnerving. How about waiting until I bring it up, if at all. The only person that needs to know is the administrator. Beyond that, no one. Not even the nurses.

People need to respect a person’s boundaries. If we want you to know, we’ll tell you, otherwise…I worked to keep my mind off of my situation, not to have it brought to light and especially in front of strangers.


Random thoughts….


Author: KK

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