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Have you ever watched male lions battle ’til the end? Here are four young males against one elderly lion. It can be hard to watch and you hear yourself yelling, “not fair,” or “pick on someone your own size!”

Yet nature has its’ own rules that humans don’t always understand. I catch myself asking if they have to do this or if they feel pain or if they know their time has come? It’s sad, but at the same time, very powerful, but I don’t make a habit of watching the film clips.

I also find myself asking why doesn’t the person filming intervene and stop the battle?! Humans can’t possibly understand and eventually learn that nature, along with being beautiful, can be brutal.

This is how I see cancer. The young males are healthy cancer cells, while the elderly male is what cancer eventually turns into. It’s the cycle of life, but if you try to make heads or tails (No pun intended) of it, you will not like the result.

The elderly lion fights for hours, but he never quits until literally his back is broken. The young males eventually leave the older male where he lies, waiting for the end. Sad, but true.

If it were the other way around, it would be even more tragic because a young male would be killed during the prime of his life. Much like the toddler or teenager who succumbs to the cancer way before their time and after a fierce battle that he should have won.

This is my analogy of cancer and the cycle of life.

You (parents) have to fight, especially for the children because they don’t understand, at first. While I, the adult, have known exactly what has been going on from the beginning.

I believe in  St. Jude Hospital’s mission and it is what they are all about:



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